The nursing profession, or even more frequently nursing (87% women), in addition to being one of the most beautiful professions, is also one of the most represented in France with 638,000 nurses enumerated in 2015. But get a credit nurse is not always easy and the solutions envisaged may be different depending on the status.

Nursing credit: the importance of status

Nursing credit: the importance of status

Indeed, the particularity of this profession is that it can be exercised with different statuses. These statutes can change the conditions for obtaining credit. There are three in this case:

  • Employees of the public: hospital, school, civil servant credit
  • Private employee: clinic, company, etc.
  • Professional nurse

Salaried nurse credit: options

 To finance purchases (car, work, leisure, etc. or a contingency), the salaried nurse, whether he is from the private sector or the public, will have to opt for a consumer credit. This type of credit is offered by the main non-bank credit organizations, conventional banking establishments, car dealers, and even certain insurers.

Depending on the need, four types of credit will be offered:

  • Personal loan or loan of money without proof to be provided
  • The car loan for the purchase of a vehicle: car, motorcycle, motorhome, etc.
  • A work loan to carry out development and / or renovation work
  • Credit repurchase: product intended for individuals who already have several credits and who wish to group them in order to reduce their monthly payments.

For all these credits, the specific request for nurse credit will be made when declaring his profession in the credit questionnaire. As we will see later, it is important to choose the right professional category. Organizations will indeed ask for proof of employment and will ensure that the type of nurse loan (private, public or liberal) corresponds to the request.

Nursing credit for a liberal profession

Nursing credit for a liberal profession

Unlike salaried nurses, the 13% of nurses who have chosen to practice as a liberal profession will have the choice between opting for a consumer credit as an individual or a professional credit as a liberal profession.

Setting up as a liberal nurse requires studying your business plan beforehand because certain investments are necessary such as:

  • the room for the practice: rental or purchase
  • the furniture in this room: treatment table, medical equipment, waiting room, etc.
  • the vehicle for business trips
  • professional insurance to cover against any risks inherent in the profession
  • customer buyout

If the financing relates to professional expenses, whether for the equipment of the cabinet and / or for a car to carry out professional trips, professional credit could be a solution. It makes it possible to deduct the interest on the loan from financial charges, or even with a lease, to pass the rent paid in fees.

Longer procedures

However if the choice is on professional credit, the administrative procedures will be longer. Because more elements are to be provided to the bank, such as for example the accounting balance sheet and / or the financing plan and the profit forecasts.

Leasing, also called LOA or leasing, makes it possible to rent, at a fixed rent for a fixed period, some of the equipment necessary for the activity, in particular the automobile. At the end of this period, the nurse may buy the goods, renew the contract or return the goods. The advantage is that it will often make it possible to have a lower monthly payment (rent) than for a consumer loan, but nevertheless in the long term the cost of leasing will probably be higher.

In all other cases, if the needs for a liberal nurse loan do not concern the activity, the liberal nurse must opt, like any other individual, for a consumer credit.

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Get the best rate for a nurse credit

Get the best rate for a nurse credit

We help you find the best rate for a nurse credit by comparing the major financial organizations. Our questionnaire guarantees a response to each request. In addition to the rate comparison, you will also get a recommendation based on your profile.

When filling out our questionnaire, you will have to choose your profession from the drop-down list, as follows:

  • If you are a nurse from the private sector: “Private Salaried nurse “
  • For a public sector nurse: “Public Medico-social FP “
  • If you practice under the liberal profession status: “Liberal Profession Nurse “

Our comparator offers nurse credit solutions whatever the status at the time of the request.