If you have entrepreneurial projects, the Little Nell credits can enable their achievement.

For self-employed professionals, there are tailored loan consolidation formulas

The Little Nell credit for artisans, traders and liberal professions requires a specific degree of expertise.

Edouard, he’s been my friend for twenty years. He’s a guy who has not always had the easiest life. But he never let himself down. And for that I respect him infinitely.

Three years ago, I did see him hit the bottom. Judge for yourself: in the space of six months, he loses his wife and his job. It was not going very well with his companion for a long time. But how can one think that the judge would give him all the wrongs and that he would find himself practically without anything, with alimony to pay?

And in the process, he lost his job. The hotel he had been working in for more than ten years is closing. At forty, unemployed and divorced, many would have gone to despair. Edouard, no. It’s not necessarily a fighter, but it’s a solid type. It is already a lot.

He quickly told me about his new projects: to set up a small restaurant

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To have his business just his, what. From the hotel to the restaurant, there is only one step and this step, Edouard wanted to cross it.

With his severance pay, he bought a lease and a goodwill. But there, things did not quite go as planned.

First, there was a lot of work. Edouard has contracted a young business credit. All the decor was to redo. Edward negotiated a payment in installments with the contractor but even like that … Well then there were the failures of any company that starts: worries with the safety commission, the oven to change, that kind of things …

When the restaurant finally opened, Edward was exhausted, financially. He contracted a series of revolving credits because otherwise he did not have enough to pay for his rent. So of course his pizzas were good, he spent himself without counting. Customers have come, more and more.

But, financially, Edouard was close to catastrophe: he could no longer pay his charges and all his repayments. The risks of commission of over-indebtedness, to see of seizure of his goodwill were specified. And that would have been the final ruin of his projects.

That’s where I advised him a loan consolidation formula

loan consolidation

His situation was healthy: simply, he needed time to reimburse all his business start-up costs. And this time, the provider in Little Nells of credits was going to provide it to him.

By consolidating all its debts and smoothing them out on simple monthly payments, the Little Nell provider of credits has given Edouard a double service. Already, he has limited monthly payments within acceptable limits by my friend’s finances. And above all it has simplified things: Edward has enough work with his pizzas not to have to complicate life with complicated financial calculations. Which, moreover, is not his forte.

There is no mystery: time, motivation and work can move mountains. Edouard’s restaurant prospered and he recruited a waiter to help him in the dining room. He just needed a boost at startup. This boost was the rational grouping of its credits .