Consumers who can prove that lenders have a permanent employment often receive a loan without any problem. However, if you want to apply for a loan with a fixed-term employment contract , you may experience difficulties when applying. See for an illustration

Many banks simply reject these applicants because of the increased credit risk. However, a loan can still be applied for at some lenders.

Loan with fixed-term contract – the house bank can help

Loan with fixed-term contract - the house bank can help

In difficult financial situations, many consumers turn to their house bank. As a rule, this bank has very long business relationships and often a special relationship of trust. In many cases, the house banks keep all accounts of their bank customers.

They also handle the accumulating monetary transactions, such as transfers or standing orders. Often, invoices are settled in the store or cash withdrawals are made at the counter. As with any loan request from a branch bank, a consultation must be arranged at the house bank. Bank customers normally only need to bring a valid ID card with them on this consultation date.

All other data that is important for a loan, the loan officer has in the PC. Personal awareness and reliability in money can be helpful with a fixed-term loan.

In any case, it is advantageous if the fixed-term employment relationship becomes permanent in the near future. Various collateral can also have a positive effect.

Wanted by many banks – high collateral

Wanted by many banks - high collateral

Most financial institutions require sufficient collateral. With credit sums up to 10000 euros, the institutions normally suffice to provide sufficient monthly salary. However, those who apply for a loan with a fixed-term employment contract often have to be able to offer additional collateral. Banks usually accept personal or physical security.

For example, fixed deposits, shares and fund savings plans may be considered as collateral. When buying a car, the registration certificate II can also be deposited as collateral. Personal security includes banks co-applicants or guarantors. The co-applicant will be included in the credit agreement. It is usually about the spouse or life partner. A guarantor often comes from close relatives or friends.

As a rule, a second applicant and a guarantor are jointly and severally liable. In this type of liability, the bank can immediately demand the payment of the open loan amount in the event of a loan default. A judicial dunning procedure does not have to be initiated.

Online and direct banks – the credit requirements must be right

Online and direct banks - the credit requirements must be right

More and more consumers are asking for loans on the Internet. The cheap loan offers are offered by online and direct banks. A clear credit comparison is offered on the credit portal of Creditend. The appropriate bank can be selected with a loan calculator. At Creditend, consumers can compare loans from 1000 to 50,000 euros.

There are terms to 144 months, so 12 years possible. The application will take place after the loan comparison directly on the website of the bank. The personal data of the applicant are entered in an easy-to-understand online form. While the data is being entered, online information will be obtained from the private credit. The personal data also includes information on the monthly income and expenditure.

Of course, the demand for employment from the bank is also in demand. Anyone applying for a fixed-term loan from an online or direct bank is usually denied. These banks only lend their loans to applicants with good credit requirements.

Credit marketplaces on the internet – the chances of getting a loan are good

Credit marketplaces on the internet - the chances of getting a loan are good

If you are refused a conventional financial institution or an online or direct bank, you do not have to despair. A fixed-term loan may be available on a credit marketplace. Credit marketplaces are Internet portals on which individuals can apply for loans financed by private lenders. These installment loans are therefore often referred to as personal loans.

Often, applicants who have worse credit requirements are also accepted. private credit information is obtained to protect private investors and portal operators. This information may not contain any hard negative features. Salary statements or account statements do not normally have to be submitted by the applicants on the portal. In order to increase the collateral security, it is possible for Creditend to include a second borrower in the application.

This increases the chances of a loan with a fixed-term employment contract. If the applicant has been approved on the portal, the private lenders can finance the loan. Once the financing has been completed, a loan agreement will be concluded. Contractual matters are taken over by a bank for legal reasons.

Loans from credit agencies – seriousness is important

Loans from credit agencies - seriousness is important

Also in credit negotiations, consumers are offered loans, which should be available with worse credit conditions. Loans are available from credit agencies with and without private credit. By cooperating with various financial institutions at home and abroad, credit agencies can offer many different loan options.

Before consumers apply for a credit loan, the financial services provider should, however, be checked for seriousness. Reputable companies check the credit requirements of the applicant in detail and then submit financing proposals. Often, in the case of a loan request, guarantors or a second applicant can be included in the loan agreement.

Credit agencies offering insurance or capital formation to secure the loan should not be taken into account. The same applies to intermediaries who request payments in order to accelerate a payout. For a fixed-term loan, costs should only be incurred once the loan transaction has been approved.

Temporary employment contract – not every bank grants a loan

Temporary employment contract - not every bank grants a loan

In particular, the online and direct banks see an increased credit risk for applicants with a fixed-term employment contract. Unfortunately, this also applies to many conventional financial institutions. An exception may be the house banks. Depending on the level of awareness of the applicant and the amount of the loan, a loan may be granted.

Consumers who have been rejected by the banks can apply for credit on credit marketplaces or credit agencies. These lenders often have other credit requirements. Anyone applying for a fixed-term loan should pay attention to the costs.

Loans from credit agencies and credit marketplaces are always a bit more expensive than the offers of the banks.


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